How to Design the Perfect About Us Page for Your Brand

ETRADE boasts a user-friendly web trading platform. Additionally, its mobile app makes it ideal for traders on the go.

E*TRADE not only offers a powerful platform, but it also provides educational tools and resources for every trader. This dedication to investor education is an immense boon.


The footer is the area at the bottom of a web page where users typically scroll. Here, they can find contact information, company details, social media links or newsletter signup prompts.

The footer can also include a small doormat navigation bar to allow users to quickly access other areas of the site. This is often beneficial for sites with lengthy pages.

A footer may also feature a list of noteworthy achievements or awards won by the company. This type of content can help boost a website's authority and credibility, but should be carefully considered prior to inclusion.

Another type of content often featured in the footer is an embedded social-media feed widget. This can be an excellent way to keep users up to date on news and promotions at the company, as well as drive traffic towards their social accounts.

Websites often include a mini version of their global navigation in the footer, which can be especially helpful when there are multiple user groups with distinct user journeys.

The footer can include various other design elements tailored to a website's goals and use cases. For instance, some sites might display a list of their most popular products on their site in order to help users quickly locate what they need.

About Us

About Us is a page on your website that introduces customers to who you are, what you do, and how it all began. To ensure its success, it should be thoughtfully designed and well-crafted. Here are some tips for designing the perfect About Us page for your brand:

Personalizing your About Us pages is an effective way to engage visitors and push them toward making an immediate purchase. This is particularly relevant for centennial enterprises, where sharing the company's origin story and that of its founding members should form part of your marketing strategy.

A successful About Us page employs visual storytelling and a strong call-to-action button. As visitors scroll through it, paint an inspiring vision for your brand or state its mission and objectives clearly.

Combine large, elegant photos and friendly employee profiles to create an About Us page that is both professional and inviting. Story and Heart has done just this, featuring several stunning scenic header images as well as warm, welcoming employee profiles that add a personal touch.

This About Us page exudes elegance and sophistication, keeping the focus on a stunning group photo of the team. This approach ensures readers can read your text clearly without skimming, which makes it an excellent way to introduce newcomers to your brand.

When designing your About Us pages, be sure to incorporate whitespace to break up the content and give the page a polished, professional appearance. This is especially helpful if there are several sections on the page as it gives text room to breathe.

Displaying a timeline is another effective way to visually represent your brand's history. Moz's About Us page uses vibrant visuals and straightforward copy that tells the company's story clearly and succinctly.

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ETRADE Securities LLC and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC provide a suite of online tools to make trading easier. From trade alerts and portfolio tweeners, to trade execution and risk management, our services have your back. Getting started with our trading software is as easy as clicking your mouse or tapping your mobile device - plus our customer service is free!

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Established in the 1980s, E*TRADE Securities LLC was the first broker-dealer to provide online trading for retail investors. Now part of Morgan Stanley, E*TRADE remains dedicated to providing a top-class experience for digitally-minded investors and traders.

Power E*TRADE offers a comprehensive suite of trading software and research tools to assist you in making informed decisions and maximising your investment potential. From basic orders to sophisticated strategies, our trading tools help you navigate the complexities of options, stocks, and futures markets.

Our trading tools are user-friendly and offer the speed and efficiency you need for your investments. Our online trading platform has features tailored to suit the needs of both experienced and novice traders alike.

If you have any inquiries about your account or the services provided by E*TRADE, don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-E*TRADE. Our helpful representatives are ready to answer all your queries promptly and courteously.

At Our firm, we provide stock and mutual fund trading, IRAs/retirement planning, as well as wealth management solutions. Our reputation for superior service, creative research initiatives and market insights have earned us a steadfast base of loyal clients.

Our mission is to give you the tools and confidence to reach your financial objectives and take control of your future. Our team of specialists offers investment and wealth management advice, education, and guidance so you can effectively manage your money.

You can access your accounts and account information using the E*TRADE Mobile app, which is free to download and use with your existing E*TRADE user ID.

If you have a retirement account with E*TRADE Securities, such as a SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA, then you may be eligible for cash credits. Please keep in mind that these offers are subject to changes in terms and conditions and taxes related to them remain the responsibility of the account owner.

Additionally, you may be able to transfer traditional or Roth IRAs to E*TRADE and take advantage of lower fees and reduced commissions. Be sure to verify the annual contribution limit on other IRAs before making the transfer to E*TRADE.