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At E*TRADE, we make trading stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and more a breeze.

With our 24/7 phone line and 30 branches across the nation, you are never far away from a real person when you need assistance.

The company provides an abundance of educational resources for all investors. They have an online library with articles on investing and retirement planning, a live e-seminar, and more.


E*TRADE is one of the world's leading names in online investing, offering a user-friendly platform and comprehensive trading tools. This makes it suitable for both novice and advanced investors alike - whether they're investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options or futures.

E*TRADE has two desktop and website platforms, as well as a mobile app, to accommodate all investors from active traders to passive portfolio managers. The broker provides various account types like IRAs, Coverdell educational savings accounts (ESAs), and custodial accounts for minors.

E*TRADE offers traders the unique advantage of paper trading or using a demo account to test out its portfolio analysis tools. This gives new investors an opportunity to practice their investment strategy without risking actual money, while experienced traders have an opportunity to refine their approach before entering the market.

Our demo trading platform is user-friendly and equipped with useful features to help you make informed trades. Plus, it has an integrated market simulator so that you can get a taste of how real-time trading may look like for you.

The platform provides stock and options screeners to filter for assets that meet your investment goals. Furthermore, it provides free streaming market data, analyst research, and market commentary to give you a comprehensive view of the market.

E*TRADE's Knowledge Center can give you a deeper understanding of the markets. Here you'll find long-form articles, videos, classes, guidance pieces and expert market commentary that are suitable for both beginners and experts alike - covering topics like tax planning or portfolio building insights.

The broker also offers a managed portfolio service, which uses robo-advisor technology to assist with portfolio building and management. There are four levels of managed portfolio service, each with a different minimum balance requirement.

We make it easy to trade.

No matter your level of expertise, we make trading stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and more a breeze - and it's all free!

Traders can choose to utilize an app of their choice or connect directly to a personal computer for an easier experience. Ordering and placing trades is seamless with E*TRADE's proprietary trading terminal that enables syncing accounts in the cloud for extra safety and security.

E*TRADE is an outstanding financial services firm with a stellar reputation for customer service and product expertise. Additionally, their transparent business practices have been praised by investors and regulators alike. Over the past few years, there have been numerous improvements to the website, mobile apps, customer support team, as well as a redesigned logo. The site offers stunning high-resolution graphics, an elegant user interface, and numerous helpful tools to manage investments efficiently. Furthermore, E*TRADE boasts an impressive library of educational materials from free streaming market data to comprehensive research libraries--making it ideal for beginning investors entering the stock market!

Watch our platform demos.

Trading demos offer you an opportunity to practice your trades without risk of real money loss, while also helping you understand how the market functions and which strategies work best for your style of trading. Through this experience, you can develop your own trading techniques.

A quality demo account should provide you with a range of trading tools and markets to explore. These may include charts, trading packages, etc. In some cases, these demo accounts also feature copy or social trading functionality which enables traders to mimic their movements and trade similarly.

Although opening a demo account is simple, keep in mind that the results may not accurately reflect your actual trading performance as they don't take into account commissions, exchange fees and N.F.A fees that you will be charged when moving to a live trading account. Furthermore, certain fills on a demo may differ from fills on live accounts due to slippage.

When considering a demo account, it's wise to begin small and build your way up. Many demo accounts allow you to set a specific amount of capital that you would like to trade with; this helps avoid the danger of risking too much capital which could result in large losses and financial ruin.

When you're ready to switch from a demo account to a real account, the Plus500 platform makes this easy with just the click of a button. If your demo balance drops too low, your demo account will reset itself automatically.

Success with trading on a demo account depends on being able to identify profitable opportunities and avoiding errors. You should also be willing to risk some of your total trading capital on each trade; this is essential in being able to differentiate winners from losers, as well as helping determine your own trading style.

Once you feel secure in your skills and strategy, it is time to transfer your account into a real trading one. This can be done easily with just the click of a button; however, be prepared to deposit real money into your account first. While this may seem intimidating at first glance, bear with me: the end result will be worth all the effort in the end!

Join us live every Wednesday at 11 am ET for a live trading session.

No matter if you're trading stocks or futures, our live trading sessions can help get you up to speed quickly and easily. Experts like Kenny Glick, Garrett Baldwin, and Tom Gentile will discuss the latest market movements as they reveal trading strategies that could help increase your winning percentages.

In addition to the live trading session, E*TRADE also provides an online learning center where you can learn more about investing, rebalancing and mitigating risk. Furthermore, you can sign up for E*TRADE's Core Portfolios automated investing platform which will create and manage a diversified portfolio on your behalf.

Start by finding a stock or futures trading strategy that appeals to you. From there, read more about it in our E*TRADE research library or dive deeper into data with Market Dashboard and Daily Insights series reports.

The optimal time to trade is during the morning session, which begins at 9:30 am EST. This is when markets make their biggest moves and you'll find plenty of active volume.

However, professional day traders often halt trading around 11:30 am EST as this is when volatility and volume tend to diminish.

E*TRADE has an experienced team of trading and risk management professionals available to assist you. They can teach you how to trade stocks and options, as well as give advice that gives you an edge over others in the industry.

They can offer advice to help you stay abreast of the markets. This may include suggesting trades that are likely to succeed, as well as teaching you how to monitor and rebalance your portfolio.

Our in-house traders stay abreast of the market news and trends to help you make informed trading decisions. They use their comprehensive understanding to recognize patterns and identify important indicators.

They've identified numerous opportunities. One of their most intriguing innovations is BRUTUS, a proprietary trading weapon that forecasts major market turns. This tool can assist you in making profits by anticipating major shifts in the marketplace.