How to Get an Open Account Free Bonus

When opening a checking account, many banks offer cash bonuses as an incentive to attract customers. These rewards can range in value from $50 to $1,000 depending on the bank.

Huntington Bank offers a free Asterisk-Free Checking account that doesn't charge overdraft fees and has an unlimited 24-hour grace period on overdrafts. While this may be one of the best free checking accounts available, there are some things to consider before applying.

AsteriskFree Checking App Online

When opening a checking account, many banks provide an attractive bonus to attract new customers. Whether or not this offer is beneficial to you depends on the bank and your individual financial situation. Some will provide low bonuses for basic accounts while others give more money when signing up for premium accounts.

If you're looking to save money on check deposits and overdraft fees, AsteriskFree checking account might be your ideal option. This account has no monthly maintenance fee and a generous overdraft policy. Plus, it comes equipped with 24-Hour Grace and a $50 Safe Zone as additional overdraft protection tools.

AsteriskFree checking offers no minimum balance requirement, allowing you to deposit as much money as needed. Plus, with its debit card support for online purchases or bill payment, AsteriskFree checking comes with free mobile banking and a user-friendly dashboard for added convenience.

Huntington Bank offers a variety of checking accounts that offer various features, such as the free AsteriskFree checking account. This account comes with unlimited ATM withdrawals and covers any out-of-network ATM fees. Plus, it boasts an impressive annual percentage yield and low monthly maintenance fee.

The Asterisk-Free Checking Account is ideal for beginners as there's no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance requirements. Furthermore, its generous overdraft policy doesn't charge a fee for overdraft protection transfers.

Although it's easy to get a free checking account, it's wise to shop around for the best offer. Some banks provide higher bonuses when signing up for higher-tier accounts such as checking and savings bundles or credit cards with low annual percentage yield (APY) rates.

If you're a frequent ATM user, consider upgrading to a high-tier account that reimburses out-of-network ATM fees. While this may be pricey, it's worth it if you utilize many ATMs or travel frequently.

If you're not a frequent ATM user or don't have access to many Huntington Bank ATMs, one of the other Huntington checking accounts might be better for you. Options include Asterisk-Free Checking account which doesn't offer a high APY, and Huntington Perks Platinum Checking account which has a lower APY but includes unlimited ATM withdrawals.

Some checking accounts only offer a 0% annual percentage yield (APY), while others pay interest on the balance you maintain. It is important to read all account details carefully, particularly if there is a minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee associated with them.

Huntington Bank is currently offering a $150 checking bonus when you open an AsteriskFree checking account and meet the necessary conditions. This is an excellent offer for anyone looking to start banking with a reliable bank, plus it helps build credit as well. For more details about this offer and other Huntington Bank promotions, visit their website today!

Open at a Branch Account

If you're searching for the ideal checking account, branch locations might be worth considering. They tend to be more convenient and provide more features and benefits than online-only options.

A branch also provides you with exclusive features like mobile check deposit, which are not typically offered by online-only banks. These are especially helpful if you frequently make payments via your phone or need quick access to funds at short notice.

Some of these services even provide free ATMs - an invaluable asset to consumers. Most also provide mobile app features like digital dashboards and bill payment capabilities from your smartphone.

Fifth Third Extra Time, the most well-known feature in this category, offers a longer checkout line to make it easier to grab that coffee on the go. Furthermore, you can make a large deposit to cover any or part of your overdrawn balance if you have several credit card bills coming up but not enough cash on hand.

To maximize your experience, it's wise to gather all necessary documents before initiating tap-and-go. You will require a Social Security Number, US residential address (not a PO box), funding account (routing & account number), as well as some other details in order to successfully complete the transaction.

When selecting between online and physical banks, your individual needs should be taken into consideration. When making this decision, make sure the bank you pick has an excellent customer service reputation as well as features, benefits and perks that meet those requirements.


Financial institutions that offer open account free bonuses must disclose all details related to the account, including interest rate offered and any other terms associated with it. These disclosures can be provided via phone, written correspondence or any other method; if multiple accounts are combined into one statement it must make clear which ones apply to which ones. Furthermore, existing customers who don't qualify for the introductory interest rate must receive information on current rates if available; additionally they should be informed of monthly maintenance fees associated with their new account.