Open a Schwab Account Now and Start Saving

Open a Schwab account online today and begin saving, trading or investing with confidence.

A brokerage account allows you to keep cash and earn interest. It's an efficient way to save for long-term goals, like retirement.

Schwab's website states it takes 10 minutes to set up your account, but it's best to be patient as the account opening process involves technical jargon and legalese.


Saving for a house, new car or an investment in your future self is essential. A smart way to achieve this goal is setting up an account solely dedicated to setting money aside for future use. Alternatively, use automatic payments from regular paychecks as motivation to stay on track.

Start saving like a pro with Charles Schwab, which offers many free tools to help you manage your finances like an expert. For instance, its SmartRate app gives an instant view of financial health and allows for tracking savings progress against goals. Plus, there are other cool features and services to plan for the future; including setting up digital wallets through its mobile banking app that allow payment via phone for goods and services. Charles Schwab also has numerous other helpful resources like an interactive retirement calculator or tool that helps compare financial products side by side.


If you're ready to begin trading right away, open a Schwab account online today. With their advanced trading services such as options and margin trading, and access to one of their many customer service representatives via phone, email or live chat, plus over 360 branches (TD Ameritrade locations included) if need be for face-to-face conversations - opening an account could not be simpler!

Before you can get started, you'll need to provide some basic information about yourself such as your name, address, Social Security number and employment status. After answering identity verification questions and choosing either an individual or joint account type, fill in further details and accept the account terms. Be prepared for some technical jargon and legalese before beginning trading - so take your time!

Schwab offers a wealth of tools and resources to help you learn about investing, such as financial articles and videos, blogs, podcasts and investing experts' blogs. You can even build customized watchlists and monitor market trends. When you're ready to invest, Schwab's smart assistant can set alerts and place trades for you. Plus they have over 90 branches nationwide plus over 900 financial advisors available 24/7 via robo-investing programs that do most of the legwork for you.


Schwab offers a range of account types, such as individual and joint accounts, IRAs, 529 education savings accounts, business accounts and trusts. Plus it has features to help you start trading. New investors will find Schwab an ideal choice - particularly if they want to venture into the stock market without spending a lot of money up front.

To get started with Charles Schwab, the first step is creating an account online. You'll be required to enter your personal information and select which type of account you desire. After that, they will ask some basic questions about your financial situation and why you would want a Charles Schwab account. This data helps them determine the most suitable options for you as it helps them comprehend your investing objectives and funding strategy.

If you're an active trader, then you can sign up for the company's advanced trading services. This will give you access to all their tools and features like live market chat option and dedicated customer service representative.

Once the initial set-up process is complete, you can begin trading with your new account. To do this, log in and go to the "Trade" tab. Afterwards, click on "All-In-One Trading Ticket," which will make day trading much smoother by providing an effortless method for placing and executing stock and ETF trades from one central location.

You can access real-time quotes and trade tickets through their mobile applications, along with multiple order types and in-app research. Plus, you can build watchlists and monitor markets through charts. In addition, the company provides other features like videos, podcasts and investing articles.

Charles Schwab is renowned for its excellent customer support, with a team of highly-trained agents available 24/7 to answer questions and assist with any problems. You can call, email or visit one of their 360 branches across America as well as TD Ameritrade locations if you require live assistance. There's never an issue that goes unsolved when working with Charles Schwab!


No matter your financial background, having a Charles Schwab account online can help you keep your finances organized. The company's premier high-yield checking and savings accounts offer some impressive features, such as free standard checks, a stylish debit card, and an impressive suite of online tools to manage your money. As an added benefit, you can link your new checking and savings accounts with existing Schwab One brokerage accounts to create a comprehensive financial picture. Finally, Schwab offers an impressive range of trading platforms and services such as mobile apps that stream real-time stock quotes, market research and even trading tickets if you're into that kind of thing. While getting started may seem intimidating at first, the company's customer service is second to none.